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It's incredibly likely that you have almost never thought about the shocks or struts on your vehicle. They're often taken for granted and forgotten about, but their health is critical to your driving experience, even on smooth roads. If you're experiencing ill handling, a rough ride, or difficult steering, visit Koons Tysons Toyota today!

The Importance of Shocks and Struts

Often when discussing shocks and struts they're considered for their ability to soak up bumps and give you a smooth ride. While this is a large part of what they do, shocks and struts also manage the weight of your vehicle while cornering, accelerating, and braking to deliver a predictable driving experience.

Worn shocks or struts will cause your vehicle to ride unevenly, which affects tire wear and handling immensely. You may find excessive body roll, difficulty steering, and longer braking distances all as a result of worn shocks or struts. That is because instead of transferring the weight of your vehicle to the tires as expected, the worn components compress further than normal before initiating the change in direction. This unpredictability is not just annoying, but it can be incredibly unsafe.

Worn shocks and struts are also responsible for bouncing, chattering, and pulling while you drive. You may notice that when you go over a bump in the road your car continues to bounce for a second or more. This may feel like a minor annoyance, but it can lead to rapid tire wear and blowouts if left unchecked. If it occurs while braking or cornering it can cause you to lose control unexpectedly as the tire is losing contact with the ground.

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