Oil Service at Koons Tysons Toyota

Everyone understands the need to change their Toyota's engine oil, but not everyone understands how often or why they should. Your engine's oil lubricates its moving parts and protects against the high operating temperatures of the combustion process. 

Unfortunately, these conditions eventually lead to your engine oil losing its viscosity and breakdown. This breakdown results in increased friction of the moving parts of your engine rubbing together. Without replacing your old oil with fresh oil, your engine will wear out.

Oil Changes at Koons Tysons Toyota

Toyota owners in the Vienna, Virginia, area love having their oil changed at Koons Tysons Toyota. Our state-of-the-art service center can handle your oil change, plus we can perform all your regular maintenance and repairs. In addition, our Toyota Express Maintenance service takes a pit crew approach to service your Toyota. You'll come in and get out fast, with everything performed by highly skilled technicians.

Genuine Toyota Motor Oil

Your Toyota engine requires a specific oil formulated for your vehicle. This particular lubricant contains additives that help your engine perform at its peak and prolong its life. In addition, Toyota engines today have sophisticated parts that require special care, including engine oil. 

Many new Toyota models use a synthetic zero-weight oil SAE 0W-20. Toyota designed this synthetic oil with a lower viscosity to provide optimal lubrication while reducing the friction caused naturally in your engine. Because it weighs less than conventional oil, 0W-20 improves thermal protection to reduce wear and tear and improves your engine's efficiency. Regardless of the type of oil you need, our service center has the correct type. 

Genuine Toyota Oil Filter

Much like the oil, your Toyota engine requires a specific oil filter. We don't recommend using aftermarket oil filters. While you might save a few dollars, you can't guarantee the filter was made to the exact specifications as a genuine Toyota oil filter. Aftermarket parts might not fit right or filter to the same standard, resulting in a leak or poor filtering. We use only genuine Toyota oil filters on all of our oil changes, so you can drive confidently, knowing your engine has the best protection.

Multi-Point Inspection

When you take advantage of our Toyota Express Maintenance service, you'll receive a complimentary multi-point inspection. Our technicians will perform a visual inspection of all your major systems. We'll inspect your brake pads and tires for wear, check your fluid levels and top them off if necessary. 

Our technicians will also test your battery and charging system for effectiveness. Of course, batteries fail over time, but you can stay in front of any potential breakdowns by testing your battery at every oil change. If your battery shows signs of failing, we'll recommend replacing your battery with an approved Toyota battery from our expansive inventory.

Once complete, our technician will review our inspection report with you and answer any questions. You'll receive a detailed explanation if they recommend service, including the cost and time needed to complete the work.

Benefits of Changing Your Oil

Changing your oil helps protect your engine against thermal breakdown, yet many other benefits exist when you take advantage of Koons Tysons Toyota's oil change service.

Longer Oil Change Intervals

Because we use 0W-20 genuine Toyota motor oil, your engine's performance improves over a wide range of operating temperatures. This particular oil's low viscosity flows faster in cold weather, coating engine parts for better starts. It also lasts longer, extending the time between oil changes. In some Toyota models, your interval reaches as high as 10,000 miles. Therefore, you'll spend up to half as much money using genuine Toyota 0W-20 motor oil as you would using conventional oil, which doesn't last as long.

Better Gas Mileage

Regular oil changes improve your engine's efficiency by helping reduce friction. Because the oil flows more efficiently, it lubricates more completely. Changing your oil regularly and using Toyota's 0W-20 motor oil boosts efficiency up to 0.6 miles per gallon compared to conventional and synthetic motor oils.

Genuine Toyota Oil vs. Aftermarket Synthetic Oil

You can find synthetic oils on the market that will work with your Toyota. These aftermarket oils might even have the 0W-20 rating. However, these aftermarket oils don't have the special additives engineered to optimize your Toyota engine's performance. By using genuine Toyota 0W-20 motor oil, you guarantee yourself the best results in performance and efficiency.

When considering the cost, conventional oil costs less than aftermarket synthetic oil, which costs less than genuine Toyota 0W-20 oil. Thus, you could save up to $30 on your oil change using conventional oil or perhaps $15 using aftermarket synthetic oil.

Savvy car owners know that conventional and aftermarket oil's lower prices don't make them the best choice. Conventional oils break down faster, providing less protection against the high operating temperatures. Combining this added wear and tear with the more frequent need for oil changes can drive the cost of using conventional oil higher than that of genuine Toyota oil. However, when you factor in the improved efficiency of genuine Toyota oil, you find even more value.

Oil Change Specials

Koons Tysons Toyota has the best prices on oil changes on either side of the Potomac River. In addition, we offer a rotating list of service specials to encourage our customers to maintain their vehicles. You can take advantage of these specials and save even more money on your oil changes.

Get Your Oil Changed Today

Our technicians recommend checking your engine oil frequently. Of course, you want to maintain the proper level and spot potential problems like a leak before they become more serious. At Koons Tysons Toyota, we understand your busy schedule. That's why we created our Toyota Express Maintenance service, to get you in and out fast.

You can schedule your oil change online or stop by our Vienna service center at any time. Our certified technicians will change your engine oil and conduct your multi-point inspection. If you don't have time to wait, our shuttle service will drop you off at work or home for free. When we complete your service, we'll pick you up.

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