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It's hard to overstate the importance of proper braking functionality. Whether you're currently dealing with worn-out brakes or you're looking to just get a general idea of your brake health, the Koons Tysons Toyota service team can help! Our team of service professionals is ready to help with almost any brake repair needs; from brake pad replacement to rotor and caliper repair - and beyond!

Your brakes are an essential piece of your vehicle's safety system. While many drivers don't give their brakes much thought, it's important to make sure your vehicle's braking system is in good working order so it will stop your car in any situation. There are several things you can keep an eye out for to help determine if you need to have your brakes changed, and the more you know, the safer you will be. Get your brakes checked and changed near Springfield today.

What Are the Components of the Braking System?

The brake system contains several components. Every time you use the brake pedal, it activates a cylinder that sends brake fluid to the calipers, which then engages the brake pads.

Some of the components of the brake system include:


Rotors are a part of disc brakes. They are typically made from cast iron and are connected directly to the tire, so they spin when the vehicle moves. The caliper causes the brake pads to rub against the rotor creating enough friction to slow and ultimately stop the wheel. In order for the car to stop, the rotor needs to stop spinning.

Brake Pads

The brake pads are a removable surface that the calipers use to make the contact with the rotor. The friction created when the pad and calipers rub against the rotor wears them down over time, which is why the brake pads are usually the first component that needs replacing.


The caliper is the component that provides a clamping force to push the pad into the rotor. It uses hydraulic pressure to push brake fluid down the brake line into a piston in the caliper. This pressure helps the pistons push on the pads with extreme force.

Brake Hose

A brake hose carries the brake fluid to the calipers.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is essential to the braking system. It is a liquid chemical solution used in the hydraulic system. It amplifies the force you create when you press on the brake pedal and turns it into pressure to make the brakes work. 

How Often Do You Need To Have Your Brakes Checked?

The length of time your brakes work depends on how much you drive, the type of driving you do, and your driving habits. If you travel around city streets and in a lot of stop-and-go traffic where you frequently have to use the brakes, you'll need brake service more often than if you travel on the Virginia area highways.

In most cases, brake pads should last between 30,000 and 70,0000 miles, and rotors can last longer than this, but it depends on how you drive. 

It is a good idea to have your brakes checked by a professional every six months or every time you rotate the tires.

What's Involved in a Brake Inspection?

When you bring your vehicle to Koons Tysons Toyota for a brake inspection, our technician will complete a comprehensive and methodical check of all the brake components. Our service technicians have training and experience, so they can detect any problems with the braking system. During a brake inspection they will check the following:

  • Calipers.
  • Pads.
  • Rotors or drums.
  • Hoses.
  • Wheel cylinders.
  • Wheel bearings.
  • Parking brake cables.
  • Fluid condition.
  • Hardware.

Common Signs That You Need New Brakes

Your brakes will tell you if they are wearing down. It's important to know the warning signs that indicate your pads or rotors are wearing down so you can get them changed before it's too late. Some crucial signs to look and listen for include:

Your Dashboard Brake Light Comes On

Never ignore the brake light on the dashboard. If you see this indicator light, make sure you schedule a brake inspection with your dealership as soon as possible. It could mean that the hydraulic fluid in the master cylinder is low, or it could mean the brake pads are getting low.

A Squealing Noise

If you hear a squealing noise or a scraping sound as you drive down the road, it's telling you the brake pads are wearing down. If you notice that the sound stops when you hit the brakes and then starts again when you let off the brake, the brake pads are using their built-in wear indicator to tell you that it's wearing down to a level that could be dangerous. If the pad wears down past the indicator, the indicator will start scraping against the rotor and create a scraping or squealing sound.

It Takes More Time To Stop Than Normal

If you notice that your vehicle doesn't stop as quickly as you're used to when you press on the brake, it's most likely because the brake pads are wearing down and not making as much contact with the rotor as they should.

The Car Vibrates When You Press on the Brake

Have you noticed a vibrating or pulsing when you step on the brake? This is another sign often caused by worn brake pads, or unevenly worn brake pads. This can happen when the brakes overheat during extensive use.

The Vehicle Pulls to One Side

When you feel your car or truck pull to one side when it is slowing down, it could be an indication that the brake linings are not wearing evenly. It could also mean that there is something in the brake fluid, so the hydraulic system is not working correctly.

It is important to take your vehicle to a professional and have the brakes checked if you notice any of these signs. If you let it go, it might compromise your ability to stop the car safely. Always listen to your vehicle, look for any warning signs of wear and tear, and pay attention to how it drives.

Find out more about your braking system and schedule a time for our technicians to look at your system and make sure it is all working correctly by giving us a call at Koons Tysons Toyota. One of our service technicians can check all the components and let you know if you need any repairs or replacements. Call to schedule your appointment or use our online form today.

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