The all-new GR Supra - The History behind the latest model

The Toyota Supra is back and more powerful than ever with the 2020 GR Supra.

Whether you're a Vienna driver looking for a sporty, powerful coupe or you're a Springfield driver looking for a cutting-edge performance vehicle, the GR Supra is a solid vehicle to consider. However, the GR Supra didn't just appear overnight. The GR Supra takes inspiration from a long line of Supra models. The Supra was first introduced as a trim option on the 1978 Toyota Celica. IT was a sporty and stylish, but it bears little resemblance to the GR Supra.

After the Celica Supra A40, Chantilly and Leesburg drivers can locate the next Supra model in the Celica Supra A60. Touting similar exterior styling to the Celica Supra A40, the A60 iteration of the Supra made one important change that set the Supra on a new course: it was offered in a performance trim. The "P-Type" boasted flared fenders and flip-up head lights. Beyond this, the Celica Supra A60 featured a more powerful engine than the A40 and a slimmer body style.

Post Celica Supra A60, the A70 Supra arrived. Not attached to the Celica model, the A70 Supra was the first version of the Supra to be a standalone model. The first version of the standalone Supra featured increased performance options and again increased the available power. The A70 setup the 1993 release of possibly the most notable Supra model - the A80 Supra. The A80 offered Leesburg and Springfield drivers more power and an all-new body styling.

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