Five Tips to Extend Your Fuel Efficiency

Fuel economy plays an important role in your Vienna, Virginia excursions. Not only can an efficient car extend your traveling range, but you can also save money over time as you make less frequent trips to the gas pump. Our new Toyota vehicles offer excellent fuel efficiency, and we encourage you to explore the models and trim levels that fit both your travel style and performance specifications soon. Once you’ve selected a new Toyota car, truck, minivan or SUV, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps to maximize your efficiency for the long haul. Our team is pleased to share maintenance tips that help you improve your performance!

  1. Keep your tires inflated to the correct pressure to increase your gas mileage. Your properly inflated tires also help boost performance, handling and safety.
  2. Use only parts and components from the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for repairs. Find authentic Toyota parts for sale at Koons Tysons Toyota to extend your model’s performance and efficiency for miles of fun.
  3. Choosing the right oil can make a difference. Check your Owner’s Manual to discover the type of oil your vehicle requires and the frequency that the manufacturer recommends you change your oil.
  4. Plan out your route in advance to select the shortest travel distance or the path with the least amount of stop-and-go traffic.
  5. Replace your air filter at regular intervals for enhanced gas mileage and even acceleration time.

Are you preparing for an autumn road trip adventure? Contact the Toyota service experts at our Vienna Toyota dealership today to schedule your seasonal maintenance appointment and discover additional ways you can maximize your gas mileage.

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