Understanding Your Credit Score and How it Affects Your Automotive Financing

Are you thinking about buying or leasing a Toyota model from Koons Toyota Vienna soon? Then it is important that you understand how your credit score will impact your potential to own or lease a model. Fortunately, we are here to help you get a better idea as to how credit works.

What is Credit?

Higher prices are often associated to commitments such as buying or leasing a car. Naturally, most do not have the means to pay such costs up-front. That is where credit comes in handy. Essentially, it is financial aid granted to you by a lender. Of course, the extension of credit is not without its limits. Restrictions vary based on plan, such as the amount you are eligible for and the pay back rate. Ultimately, credit is a convenience which gives consumers more leeway with purchases.

How Does it Impact You?

Your credit score can vary based on your spending and payment habits. Those who maintain a good standing with their lender will often have a higher score. Depending on where you lie on the spectrum, you will receive different opportunities, such as lower interest rates. Inasmuch as automotive purchases and leases are concerned, your credit will determine how much you can borrow and what you must pay back on a monthly basis.

Meet with Our Financial Experts Today

Rest assured, there is support for every type of car buyer—whether your credit is high or low. We have experts on duty at our dealership in Vienna, Virginia, for this very reason. With plans designed according to your specific needs, we can make it easy for you to buy or lease a vehicle. You just have to figure out which options is most suited for you! So if you want to learn more, contact us or visit us today.


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